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We are looking for Great Kids …to inspire other kids to Greatness! That is what  makes us different. There are thousands of organizations that do an amazing job serving millions of disadvantaged and troubled youth. We are focused on the so-called "average" kid, because there are millions of ambitious young people with gifts and talents striving to achieve their dreams.

We want to find them, and help them reach their goals and use their talents to serve those less fortunate ...and make a difference in the world! 

If you know a gifted or talented young person, or perhaps one that has overcome adversity or illness, or achieved great things through personal commitment, or inspired others through their charity - WE WANT TO KNOW! Please nominate them today, because... they have a story that should be told, and we want to help them tell it!  Our purpose and vision is to provide youth and young adults with unique inspiring experiences to stretch and establish their goals and reach their dreams; and to facilitate and encourage them to do the same for others less fortunate then themselves.

Now, you can join the adventure and  -  Help Great Kids... Do Great Things!    



Young Adventurers is an exciting way to ​"Pay it Forward" and teach a young person to do the same. 


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We Help Great Kids Do Great Things!