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When I was at one of my darkest points in my life, God revealed to me that even as a minister, it is HIS LOVE for ME that is the greatest power for my life! 

God loves YOU! Don't ever forget that! 

The purpose and vision of this site is to provide you with insight and answers for the issues we all face everyday directly from the Word of God. The messages and materials provided here are not designed for religious debate but rather draw wisdom from the lives of real men and women in the Bible to give you real answers that will be relevant in your life today!

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Facing the Giant, extracts wisdom from the ancient story to create a powerful message that’s guaranteed to inspire you.  The subtitle is “Between a Rock and a Herat Place,” because the author weaves through the book a personal agonizing story of the battle between his mother and himself. This is a “must read” for any parent that’s struggling with a defiant child, and for anyone else facing Giant Problems!  



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 Facing the Wall  ...and Overcoming


  Terry started in ministry over 25 years ago. He has written and delivered over 6000 sermons all across America and around the world. He served as lead pastor in churches in Tennessee, Hawaii, California, Florida and the Bahamas. He has done missionary work in Africa, Europe, India, and Home Missions in Alaska and Hawaii. 

  Terry' started his ministry speaking to prisoners and drug addicts. He founded five prison ministries in the County Jails, the Tennessee State Prison, County Penal Farm, the Federal Prison in Memphis Tennessee and Fort Pillow prison in West Tennessee. Some of those ministries are still serving men today and thousands of lives have been changed.

Still in his teen years Terry traveled the world speaking in churches and later as a missionary. So after seeing first hand the destruction in so many young lives and compared to the blessing of helping others in third world countries as a young person himself, Terry decided to start Young Adventurers to mentor youth and young adults to use their lives doing good, and pursuing their dreams!

Today, similar to Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Young Adventurers mentors young and old alike to experience the "adventure" of helping others. 

In 2011 YA produced two television pilots entitled Be Someone's Hero! A show that highlights the amazing lives and work of people helping special needs kids.

In 2011 Young Adventurers presented IMAGINE. A Multimedia Stage Production featuring the amazing Fushu Daiko, Larry Johnson of Richard Street's Temptations, the One Vision One Love dancers and Terry Bomar.

The unique "production with a purpose" had you laughing, crying, and shouting for more! Everyone left with a smile on their face, a "wow" in their heart, and a new motivation for the future!

In 2012 Young Adventurers produced their 1st Annual Dream Night to locate and award talented young people in the performing arts, and those with unique life stories. It was a huge success and over $10,000.00 in cash and scholarships was awarded!

Terry founded Young Adventurers in February of 1992. Since that time Young Adventurers has worked in 7 states and 5 countries. YA has worked with experienced volunteers in radio, television, video and film production, and with Adventurers like Jean Michele Cousteau (of Ocean Ambassadors), NFL, NBL, and PGA Sports figures, Indy 500 drivers, NHRA and NASCAR drivers like Geoff Bodine, Hollywood actors, entertainers, artists, photographers and others that have given their time and talent to help YA serve young people.

YA has a proven track record of success working with over 12,000 children and their families through public and private schools, the Broward County School System, the Broward County Sheriffs Dept., churches and civic groups.

Young Adventurers has conducted projects around the world, including assisting schools, orphanages, hospitals, churches and feeding centers reaching as far as Nigeria, South Africa, India, Nepal and in several places across America.

Mr. Bomar has been a long time friend of Michael Josephson, Founder of the Josephson Institue of Ethics, and YA was one of the early member organizations of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition that today represents over 1000 Organizations.
And Young Adventurers was born February 12th. 1992 not as a religious organization but rather as a nonprofit promoting Character and Vision.

In the Spring of 2009 Terry and Dan Haggerty joined together to form a company dedicated to Faith and Family films and entertainment.

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